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    Case Study – Executive Search Appointments, Greater China

    Managing Director, Asian Sourcing Operation - HK & Shenzhen based

    This US based home wares company with revenues in excess of US$800 million, launched its sourcing operation in China in June 2004 & the mandate to search for the MD was given the same month. Due to tight budgetary constraints it was agreed that candidates from lower cost countries with slightly lower salary expectations than those of established ex-pats would be brought into the frame. The successful candidate was identified in Singapore, interviewed & appointed within 5 weeks. This was within the time & budgetary deadlines given.
    Subsequent to the MD's appointment, 5 support staff were identified for the Hong Kong administrative office & 12 sourcing, quality & supply chain staff were recruited for the Shenzhen office. All recruitment activity was completed within 12 weeks of commencement.

    General Manager, China Sourcing Office - Shanghai

    This US based company, a global leader in the Pet Accessories business, set up operation in China for the first time in August 2005. The nature of their planned operation meant that the person they needed would have to come from a multi-disciplined background. The successful candidate, a Shanghainese, had worked in several multinationals throughout his career. This included stints in Retail, Supply Chain Management for a 3PL & Manufacturing management. His international MBA topped off his qualifications.
    Once on board we finalized the recruitment of his support team of sourcing, QA & administrative staff. All placements were completed over a 12-week period and brought in exactly on budget.

    Asia Strategic Sourcing & IPO Director - Xiamen

    Our UK based client, a diversified manufacturer with revenues close to £2 Billion, was looking to establish their first low cost country IPO in Xiamen. Their requirement was for a seasoned professional with strong business development skills, a technical background & a strong contact base in South East Asia. In addition it was greatly advantageous if the person spoke Mandarin, English & at least one other Asian language.
    The successful candidate was located in Singapore within 3 weeks of the search being launched. His background included running an IPO for a US multinational, Technology Transfer, as well as Corporate Procurement experience at Asia Pacific level including the need to 'sell' to internal clients.

    Mass recruitment - Guangzhou

    A major Japanese elevator manufacturer going through a major expansion required a ramp up of staff across many grades and areas of expertise. Their in-house recruitment team had explored the normal recruitment channels such as job advertisements, Internet recruitment and placement agencies however they couldn’t fill the vacancies successfully. Impact was invited to join the project. Its task was to analyze the situation and the job market and solve the recruitment problem.
    Impact conducted a series of interviews with staff, hiring managers and top management to understand the situation from all perspectives. Once the analysis had identified the problem areas, a solution was formulated offering a focused approach across multiple recruitment channels, which was duly implemented. Impact consultants trained hiring managers in screening & interview techniques & coordinated the whole recruitment procedure: screening, interviews, presentation, reference check and so on...
    As a result, 80 vacancies were filled in the first year. The results were so outstanding the client chose Impact as their recruitment-outsourcing partner. This project is on-going and in excess of 200 people have been recruited over the last two and a half years saving the client time & money, eliminating lost opportunity costs and providing better levels of service for candidates & client alike.

    HR Consulting engagement - Shenzhen

    A leading American consumer products company was setting up a new buying office in Shenzhen, China. Apart from the requirement to recruit a GM & support staff they also needed to set up a complete HR system for their Chinese staff. The US management was not familiar with any China Labour Laws or Compensation & Benefits standards. Impact was engaged to assist then both their recruitment and establishment of an HR system.
      The first step was to educate the company's executives on the Chinese job marketplace, Chinese HR management practices and HR consulting issues. After getting agreement for an action plan, Impact:  
        ·Designed the organization structure.
    ·Carried out a C&B survey & reported back on the standard for that industry.
    ·Set up systems: such as contracts, leave tracking and allowance systems.
    ·Identified job descriptions for every position.
    ·Successfully completed the recruitment.
    ·Created training and development plans.
    ·Implemented a welcome program for all newly hired staff.
    All HR systems were in place be the end of the recruitment project & all positions were filled successfully as required.

    Retention program - Shenzhen

    The sourcing centre of a US-based consumer electric company was experiencing crippling turnover of staff. Management was concerned that its Compensation & Benefits and other work place programs were not attractive or competitive. Impact was engaged to analyze the existing systems and design a new program that was competitive in the China marketplace and compatible with its parent company HR policies.
    The project required close communication with the company's executives. Interviews were conducted with employees to understand the company’s culture, benefits and any problems in HR management practices. Impact dispatched a consultant to work on site with the company to help them innovate their HR management practicing system. The consultant reviewed the organization structure and C&B system& worked with the management team to reorganize their structure and optimize the C&B system and HR systems. The Employee’s Handbook was rewritten & an Employee Development Program was devised.
    After half a year, the turn over rate had reduced from 35% to 11% on a pro rated per annum basis.


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