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    About Us
    HR Consulting


    Impact are committed to helping organisations increase their productivity through better use of their human resources and to enable client companies to achieve real competitive advantages.


    If you require any human resource consultancy assistance or support then please contact us and give us the opportunity to discuss your needs. We look forward to developing a supportive and on going relationship with your organisation.


    Some examples of where consultancy may be required are:

    • Performance Management (assessment and measurement tolls and processes e.g.)
    • Career development and counselling
    • Company HR policies and procedures
    • Hiring and retention strategies and tactics
    • Coaching managers and employees through conflicts
    • Management of the staffing function, including recruiting, managing and payrolling the recruiters
    • Mergers & Acquistions HR assessments
    • Compensation programs and plans
    • Employee motivational activities
    • Team building



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