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      About Impact


    Impact is an HR consulting firm founded in Sydney, Australia in 1987. Impact China was established in Guangzhou in 1998, now we have offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai as well.

    Impact provides innovative HR solutions specialized in the Recruitment, Training and HR Consulting areas.We are dedicated to providing clients with creative, timely, responsive and accurate consulting services which will add clear value.



      Statement of Value


    We are dedicated to total client satisfaction.

    We recognize that our most important asset is our employees and encourage their professional growth.

    We require the integrity, professionalism and contributions of our employees for our success.

    We are committed to the importance of our employees' quality of life and a balance between their personal and work lives.

    We deliver excellence, superior quality and value in everything we do.



      Vision of Statement


    In our chosen markets, we are the leader in client satisfaction, professionalism, superior quality and innovation.

    We are the architects of responsive and creative solutions to our clients' human resources needs.



      Career with Us


    Working at Impact means working with some of the most talented people in the field of HR Consulting. We are always interested in finding experienced HR practitioner who can strengthen our team.

    Our employment philosophy is to create an environment that encourages and rewards employees who demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit, passion and innovation, a willingness to embrace change and fairness in all they do.




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